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There’s no denying the thrill of trying wild-caught fish for dinner, and Wholey’s Market is the one-stop shop for all your seafood cravings and quality meats. Walleye yellow pike, otherwise known simply as pike, pickerel, or yellow walleye, is a popular freshwater fish in Canada and throughout the northern parts of the United States. Our fresh walleye is caught straight from the icy waters of Canada and our customers cannot get enough! Each order we offer comes in six-pound shipments with one to three fillets of our premium walleye fillets for convenient use and storage. Walleyes typically grow to about 30 inches in length and can weigh up to about 20 pounds, making them the ideal option for large dinner parties, special occasions, or exciting meals for the entire family to enjoy.


Walleye yellow pike is rich with protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals that help maintain a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, we provide pre-delivery services such as beheading and gutting so you can focus on creating complex flavors and savory side dishes to complement the firm, sweet flesh of pike. Before placing your order, simply select whether you would prefer your walleye fish with the head on or without the head and split so you can get to your recipe right away without any hassle of cleaning.

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