Mix it up! This product includes one adult individual from each of three different species of desert beetles. Please note that the photo on this product page does NOT represent the exact three species of beetles you will receive and a blue death feigning beetle is never part of this sampler product.

The beetles will be based on current inventory and may be unidentified species from US arid lands. Typically they are black desert beetles of the darkling variety, and measuring at or around 1 to 2 centimeters. You’re welcome to ask if I am able to identify the ones I send to you, but that is no guarantee that I am either able to, or correct. Bugguide suggests that there are 1200 species of tenebs in the US and Canada. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

All three beetle species you will receive can be kept in the same tank and will thrive in the same habitat conditions. The more beetles and the more variety that you have, the more interesting the tank is. A ten gallon tank could easily house 50 tenebrionid beetles. These enjoy a drier tank than most pet bugs. Sand is a great substrate though other types of substrate are okay too and a mix is, perhaps, best. Take care not to allow the substrate to remain wet for too long as the feet of these beetles can get caked up with moist dirt and then your beetles are walking around with mud galoshes and those fell out of beetle style in 2014.

These three beetles live well together on dried pet food and occasional bits of fruit, carrot, etc. Each of these species is usually offered individually or in groups through this website, but they are discounted here as a “sampler” group. This is probably my personal favorite product on the website because tenebs are easy to care for and very active. If you have a metal screen on the top of your cage, consider adding a heat lamp to the top and leaving it on for 8 to 12 hours per day. This will activate the beetles, particularly in the evening hours. Even after the light goes off the beetles will be very active into the night.

[If you order more than one group of three, I will endeavor to include more than 3 species. So, for example, if you order a quantity of 2 on this product (which equals six beetles) I would attempt to send four different species, if inventory allows it. To clarify further, you’d get four different beetles and 2 duplicates for a total of six beetles.]

In the related products section you will find both beetle jellies and desert beetle subtrate. These are not necessarily essential to your keeping these beetles happy, but they are worth considering as they are highly convenient to you. And ask questions pre-order, if you like.

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Desert Beetle Sampler