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Looking for a new fish to resolve your weeknight meal fatigue? Try sautéing, pan frying, or broiling the Virginia sea croaker fish. Though the territory of these fish spans from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico, they are one of Virginia’s most abundant fish and can be found and caught during the spring, summer, and fall months, making them a species to enjoy the whole year long. This species is aptly named due to the croaking noise they produce as their muscles chatter against their swim bladders. The croaker fish pairs nicely with roasted vegetables like asparagus or with a hot corn chowder for a touch of southern comfort.

Caught straight from the fresh, pristine waters off the coast of Virginia, Croaker fish are typically bought whole but can be ordered filleted and beheaded for your convenience. With silvery sides that turn gold throughout time, we think that you will enjoy the visual presentation and the mildly sweet flavor that may seem similar to the taste of black sea bass, lake trout, or white perch. Virginia sea croaker fish typically weigh between a half-pound and two pounds at full maturity. Six to eight whole fish will certainly provide an excellent meal for you, friends, and family to enjoy.

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