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Pumpkin seeds have a slightly sweet and somewhat nutty flavor. They can eaten raw, roasted, or toasted. They can enhance the flavor and elevate the nutritional value of homemade granola and a variety of baked goods, soups and many other sweet and savory dishes. The texture of the seeds have the ideal balance of chewy and crunchy that makes them a satisfying snack.



Health Benefits of Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Raw Pumpkin Seeds, No Shell (Pepitas) NUTRITION FACTS

Pumpkin seeds are native to the Americas. They are sometimes called pepitas. The word pepita reflect its connection to its heritage which is Mexico. Raw pumpkin seeds possess a variety of distinctive nutrition-related characteristics. Many nuts and seeds contain vitamin E. The differentiating feature these seeds offer is that they contain vitamin E in a variety of forms. In addition to that distinction, these seeds also contain phenolic antioxidants in diverse forms.

Raw pumpkin seeds have long been revered for their nutritional value. They offer a diversity of antioxidants, boost immunity and are an excellent source of zinc and protein.

With the vast array of health benefits raw pepitas offer, almost anyone can find health-related reasons to incorporate these tasty seeds into their diet. Days simply tend to go better when you are in a good mood. The L-tryptophan in these seeds can help improve you mood and prevent depression. It has been proven that sleep deprivation can adversely affect your health, your mood and your concentration. Studies suggest that eating raw pumpkin seeds a few hours before bedtime can improve your quality of sleep. Studies have also shown that these seeds have anticancer properties. They are a heart-healthy food. They are the only seeds that are alkaline-forming.

Ingredients: Pepitas. Product of China or Mexico.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: bags – up to 1 year. Bulk – up to 6 months.

Allergen Information

Manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat and whey.

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Raw Pumpkin Seeds, No Shell (Pepitas)