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Our company is very well known in the offering stone . Renowned for high quality and long shelf life. Gall Stones are available in many specifications to cater to all requirements of the customers.

We export high quality natural yellow golden orange color Cow stone from cow/cattle and well dried.


Ox Gallstones
100% whole stones
Minimum Order: 2KG
Supply Ability: 25KG Monthly
Price: $29500 per KG (Slightly Negotiable)

Product description
COLOR :- Gold and Yellow, then Brown colored.
– Externally yellowish-red to brownish, some with a layer of black lustrous thin membranes
SIZE :- Whole pigeon-egg size
– Vary in size, 0.6-3 cm (maximum to 5.0-7.0 cm) in diameter, some are tubular or broken
CONTENT:- Natural and cholesterol-free
TYPE :- Dried in ideal and DARK ventilated spaces and have neither been exposed to light, sunlight,
nor to humid conditions. Are well dried with less than 5% moisture content.
PURITY:- Free of queer materials, impurities, pipes, blood and rough textured stones, fake stones or
other impurities.
SHAPE:- Conical, Square, Cylindrical and Pyramid shapes
– Large, medium, small & tiny sizes lumps/pieces variation.Mostly ovoid, subspheroidal,
tetrahedral or cubic.
TEXTURE:- Some are rough with wart-like protuberances.
– Light texture, fragile, easily peeled, fracture golden yellow, with fine dense concentric
circular lines
– White core, odour, aromatic; taste, bitter.
NATURE:- Stock is genuine and natural OGS obtained from cattle free from bovine diseases.
SMELL:- The stones have a natural smell of healthy, BSE free cattle.

After extracting the gallstones from the cattle’s intestines they are washed thoroughly with cold water to remove blood clots, impurities etc. After washing they are dried for two weeks in a dark and well ventilated environment at a temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius. The stones are moved regularly for better drying and to avoid them from sticking to each other. After full drying the stones are packed in hermetically sealed bags.
In Chinese medicine ox gallstone (Niuhuang) is applied for the formula Angong Niuhuang Wan together with Coptis root (Huanglian), Rhinoceros horn (Xijiao), Musk (Shexiang), natural Indigo (Qingdai) and Honeysuckle Flower (Jinyinhua).

The shipment is proceeded according to the negotiated contract conditions via DHL. Depending on the request of the particular buyer the following documents go with the shipment:

Certificate of Origin;
BSE free certificate;
Veterinary certificate;
Analysis (Issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry);
Commercial invoice;

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Ox Gallstones