available for sale is a wide range of genuine leather products. our goods are both raw and semi-finished. they are used as raw material in many industries. we have animal skins of various forms like wet salted, wet blue, finished and semi finished. the variety available from our partners provides a wide supply of hides & skins .

our supply comes directly from abattoirs, slaughterhouses and processors of wet salted hides that are established a minimum of 15 years and even more in some cases. the variety available from our partners provides a huge supply of hides & skins such as salted cow hides, salted wet and dry donkey hides , wet and dry horse hides etc.

machine flayed wet salted donkey hides

weight: up to 12 kgs
average weight: 6 to 8 kgs
selection: 80% a, 20% b
1 x40 container = 6000 skins
– impurity: no sand , no dust, no mud ,no foreign object, no fats and no meat
– not available: no hair slip problem, no rotten hides, no fats and meat on the hides,no mule
– no holes, no cuts, no reheated,
-sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud

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Multicolors Raw Goat Skins