Adult scarab and stag beetles love this stuff. Blue death feigning beetles and other tenebrionids do too, as well as velvet ants. It’s long lasting, doesn’t stink and provides all the nutrition the adult beetles need without the mold and fruit fly issues that sometimes accompany offerings of fresh fruits. It doesn’t spoil and has a shelf life of…forever!

Sold as a six pack of assorted flavors/brands depending on what’s in stock at the moment. (note that photo does not represent exact brand of jellies that are sold through this listing)

Roach jellies (see below) are a bit larger and tend to have a few fruit bits in them, but both jelly types are relished by all these pet bugs seemingly equally.

I personally depend on these for the sheer convenience of peeling back the little plastic lid and setting them in the cages. It’s a worry free way to supplement and hydrate so many of the insects that I keep!

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Beetle Jelly 6 packs